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Scam for AV Product


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Fraudulent selling of free avast! Home Edition anti-virus are made via several web sites, many advertised via the Google AdWords program. Scam websites are offering keys to free avast! Home Edition anti-virus and charging users as if it was for the paid version of Professional Edition. When email ?invoices? are received by customers, there is no mention of avast! and instead there is a list of programs that the customer has never heard of, let alone agreed to buy.


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Hey, there are millions of noobie people going online for the first time every month worldwide.


I really feel for the all the folk hitting the Internet for the first time, with no knowledge whatsoever, and nothing but a couple of brochures or pamphlets to guide them on their way.


If they're lucky enough to find somewhere like this, they'll save themselves a lot of money, and a hell of a lot more heartache.


I had a weird dream one night, more weird than the usual ones. I clicked the forum link, and a message popped up saying.


Piriform has closed.


What? Where the hell do I go now? Hey man, I was so relieved when I woke up and found I was dreaming.


Can't imagine not having a Piriform "fix" at least once a day. :lol:


And can you imagine suddenly losing touch with a whole host of folk from every corner of the globe.


My family already think I'm crazy with all these "invisible friends". They'd think I was really touched if I was sad because I'd lost them all. :unsure:


Just a random thought.

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We all know the popular sites like You Tube, Google, My Space, etc. Those are the sites the noobies go to (if their country permits them) as soon as they're online for the first time. And the sharks all circle round those waters. Out there they don't fall under Western jurisdiction.

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