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I'm really freaked out now...


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I was using IE8 and Explorer restarted after the warning. I'm doing a SuperAntiSpyware scan right now and it's found 18 Vundo threats so far. Is there anyway to completely remove the Vundo threats?

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I already posted a HJT log and Rridgley told me to run a VundoFix scan, but it didn't find anything when I ran it. SuperAntiSpyware removed abou half of the spyware but there's still:


Adware.Vundo Variant/Resident

Trojan.Vundo Variant/Small

Adware.Vundo Variant/Rel



These keep coming back, no matter what I do.

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Icedrake, can I advise you strongly to follow rridgely's instructions in your hjt log thread. Humpty wasn't aware that you had posted a log when he advised you.


If you are doing things in between without him knowing what you are doing, it may alter his advice.


Support contact




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