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Uninstall & Startup Suggestion


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First of all I just want to say what a excellent piece of software this is. Thanx for every thing you guys are doing, you are making life alot easier for everyone and most of all, doing it for free! I've been using this program for more than 2 years now and recommend it to people on a daily basis.


I don't want to give a complete review of the program so lets cut to the important stuff.


This is a simple suggestion and I don't think it will be difficult to insert, I would like to have the ability to tick or untick the startups, like in msconfig, rather than just deleting them.


My second suggestion would be to ask if the uninstall tool could be modified to be a installation monitor like Total Uninstall?


Oh and yea, what about the ability to launce the other Piriform's products from inside CCleaner?


Thanx for reading my suggestion and hope that it would be to some use.


Thanx again and keep up the Excellent work!



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