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Does anyone out there have a CCleaner.msi file?

I would like to stick it in a GPO to auto install on each computer.



I also need the msi file for the same goal.

Does Piriform want help us to use more and more this wonderful soft... ? Make a MSI!!


Thanks, Regards

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Not sure if it will help either of you guys (or anyone else), but CCleaner does offer a version without the Yahoo Toolbar here;


I downloaded this version onto my server and created a batch file to install this whenever a user logs in. By using the /S switch, it installs CCleaner automatically and silently, but uses default options (shortcut on desktop, start menu, etc.), which was fine with me. Here is a link to some other options for CCleaner... just click on "Command Line Parameters". I also created another batch file to make CCleaner run automatically/silently when a user logs in.


To install CCleaner via batch file and GPO script;

start /d "(insert path of CCleaner setup file here-do not include file name)" ccsetup_208slim.exe /S


To run CCleaner automatically when a user logs in, add this line to login script via GPO;

start /d "C:\Program Files\CCleaner" CCleaner.exe /AUTO <----assuming you install in the default location



Hope this helps someone.

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