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Avira Antivir a pain to update!


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Right now, Avira has been stuck in the update window for like 5 minutes. All it's saying is "checking file versions" and then "Connecting with http://dl8.freeav.net What the heck is going on? :(



Their servers are notoriously slow. Try your updates at off hours. That was the one thing that kept me from Antivir but now I would rather put up with that than 70 MB of AVG 8 doing a Norton impression.

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Make sure you do your manual updates at an ''odd'' time if you can Icedrake. You know when everybody else isn't.


The only time I have a problem is when there is a very big update and it's only fair that those who pay get them first I guess.



The server will change numbers if you look . ... dl7 freeav.net etc, as different ones are tried.


Support contact




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