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After running CCleaner I run System Mechanic to find junk files.SM finds up to an extra 4.5 meg of extra junk to delete so what is CCleaner missing as I prefer CC for it's speed.

And maybe CC could wipe most of the dbx files,selectable, just by automated deletion of such as outlook will create new ones at startup.

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System Mechanic isn't the best software. I recall using it about a year ago and it found many false positives in registry, and deleted some "temp" files that were needed.

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System Mechanic isn't the best software.




I completely agree, however I'll go one step further and say it's an expensive and dangerous POS! About three years ago I tried it on my old Win98 system and was shocked that it reduced the registry from approximately 6 MB to 1.5 MB, it literally killed the registry. Good thing for MS-DOS and being able to restore a registry backup.

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regedit.exe can do that too [but regedit.exe nor System Mechanic is actually causing the problem; it's just bringing it to your attention]. If your registry contains binary mayhem (garbage characters where they shouldn't be), even regedit.exe will truncate it to 1 MB or less. I've had this happen right before my eyes. :)

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I'd have to agree with the objections made here concerning System Mechanic. I was glad that I had a clean clone available on another box to restore the partition it damaged when I tried the evaluation version. I've not had any difficulty whatsoever in that way with CCleaner.



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