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Windows XP Service Pack 3 Released to Manufacturing


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There will certainly be a heavy server load for this much-anticipated upgrade.

Since MS has now fixed Vista - they want happy XP users, we shall see.

As I've said elsewhere, you might expect some Vista bits in this update, I do not know for sure.




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Is MS saying that .NET and Silverlight are neccessary updates? Gimme a break. <_<

Don't know however everytime I visit the MS site they have that damned Silverlight popup which started getting old, and I have no intention of ever using it so I blocked it!

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windows xp sp3(x86 systems only)


download link is up!:D


It is not on Windows Update yet - you may get much larger builds elsewhere if you wish to hog your hard-drive.



It was a 324MB download and after about 10 minutes of installing it failed with Permission Failure running as Administrator on my XP Pro system.

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school." - Albert Einstein

IE7Pro user

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i am using Turkish windows xp pro, i dont see sp3 when i visit microsoft update page, do i need to wait Turkish version of sp3? or that package is multilanguage?


as far as i know it is multi langauge but im not so sure about that :)


anyway here's a screenshot of my pc having installed SP3 :D


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Can you please NOT post direct download links.


Instead post a link to the page where the download link is shown.


oh...i see..sorry bout that :) i have removed the link as you've requested :)

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Thanks Hazel, that is going to be an important link for quite awhile.

Also thanks for the correction about direct links for users.

I like to know exactly where I am linking to.

For news people and bloggers to say click HERE or SOURCE or LINK is one thing.

But when you don't know to trust the provider or not,I usually don't click on such links.

I don't want to be dropped into the middle of Broodersoft or PukerKasino or KoolGates.

:) davey

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