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Restore Partition and FAT - Is Recuva Appropriate?


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I have a 500 GB 'backup disk' on a relatively new (1 month old) machine. It was supplied to me set up as a single NTFS partition. I have a significant number of backup files saved on the disk. I cannot see them anymore in My Computer.


I inadvertently deleted the partition on this drive using the "Disk Management" software in XP Pro. I was cleaning up another disk that was attached to the machine at the time.


I have not written to the 500 GB disk since I did this. The last act done to the disk was a defrag last night.


Is Recuva a good tool to use to restore this disk to the state it was in before I deleted the partition?


As I see it, I need to restore the partition information and the file allocation table.


If not, does anyone have any alternative suggestions?





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Recuva only recovers files, it won't restore the partition on the disk. You might give TestDisk or Find and Mount a try. These programs attempt to find lost and deleted partitions and remount them.

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