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Issues Section needs Select/Unselect Buttons

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This is my 1st time posting here so I'd 1st like to say congratualtions on Crap Cleaner and thanks for making it free. I use it mainly for cleaning index files as this cleaning feature is not available with most other cleaners except with a reboot.


In the issues section, after a scan I have a lot of unknown issues I would rather unselect but not by ticking them one by one. By default, after a scan, all the issues are ticked which is very impractical and forces me not to use this feature because it's just too time consuming unticking everything I don't want fixed. I would rather have nothing ticked or a select/unselect all option but going through each item separately is just not practical for me. Can you please include easier options in a future version?





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welcome to the forums, im sorta still new but ive been browsing here a lot. Any ways, why would you not want to fix some of the issues? I have never had a problem fixxing issues, so i trust CCleaner when it says something is wrong.


Also, you can just right click any of the issues and click "deselect all", that should fix your problem.


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Users felt the opposite way [they saw nothing was checkmarked and wanted everything checkmarked by default] so MrG can't win for losing. MrG set the default to be checked, which is what the majority of the users wanted. I also wholly trust CCleaner's issues scan. If you seriously have *that* many issues in the list, then it would behoove you to fix them; they're listed for a reason!

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