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Problems with MDI Children on resize

Jackie Gleason

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Long time CCleaner user first time poster. Just dled you Defraggler product, and its looking good guys! One issue I have found is the differant panels do not maintain a percentage of the screen as it resizes. This becomes Fairly annoying.


Steps to reproduce


1.) Restore Defraggler window

2.) Extend the screen so it is about the same size as screen.

3.) drag so that pixelized results and Text Filenames are about 50-50% of the screen.

4.) resize smaller


Hope this helps!

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I had Defraggler running on my laptop, displayed on an external monitor at 1280x1024. While it was still running, I switched the display to the laptop only, to undock it, reducing the resolution to 1024x768. Previously I could see all three regions, the drivelist, the map, and the file list. After the resolution change, the map extended below the bottom of the parent window. The only way I could get the file list region back was to switch back to the external monitor, resize the children and then parent, then go back to the smaller display.

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