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Fred, if I understand this properly, this program is meant to get rid of the older java updates and clean up the remnants. Interesting thing as of late that I noticed. I don't use this software, usually just manually remove the old java updates under add/remove programs (or the equivalent i am now using in vista). Anyways, the last few java updates that i did, i went to remove them, and they were already gone. Nothing, nadda, couldn't find them in system folders either after I did the updates. Any reason that that is happening, is it an update by java itself or something, or something peculiar to my computers? It's happening under both my 32 and 64 bit vista computers and i have done a reformat of both of them within the last couple of months. Malware free as well. Any ideas?



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Sun Java finally have figured out that people do not want the old version installed so with V6 R11 it un-installs V6 R10 but I am not sure about older versions.

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