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let me start by saying i hope im posting this in the right place if not im sorry for wasting your time and if you could please just send me in the right direction that would be great. ok so i downloaded the CCleaner today and was snooping around when i came across the registry icon i clicked on it and scanned for issues, let me just say now, i am really good at deleting items i shouldnt and have now learned to not do that anymore so any who the list of issues came up"and there was a whole bunch" some even look like i had somthing to do with it "who am i kidding, most of them looked like i had something to do with it" so my question is as i click fix selected issues a window pops up saying "do you want to back up the changes to the registry" now im just uncertain what exactly to do here and wanted to get help before i cause a bigger problem

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