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Exception generated for browsing MY Computer drives


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Version 1.12.291 of recuva generates exceptions whereby the title of the

window is "no disk". It is installed on Win 2K Pro SP4 and an IBM intel P4 processor



When I specify that I want to select "other location" by browsing a list of drives, it

pops up a windows that shows a directory tree structure that shows "desktop",

"My Documents", "MY Computer" .... like Windows Explorer does.

The problem occurs when I select the '+' graphic symbol under "My Computer" to

expand the list of drives to select from. It is at this point that it generates popup

windows with the window title of "no disk". Sometimes it is a few exception popups

and sometimes alot more. After hitting "canceL" for each one, it displays the expanded

list of drives.


A possible reason for the above popups with exceptions for "My Computer" is because

my computer has an IDE Zip 250Meg drive installed, but there is no removable disk

installed in it. Of course the floppy and CD/DVD drives don't have a disk in them either.

I also have a network drive entry assigned that will reconnect upon login, but when the

error occurred, I wasn't at work which has this network drive.


All exception information is written to the event logs.


Note: Will "recuva" eventually get the funtionality to recover accidentally deleted partitions both

logical anad physical with dynamic/raid disks in the future? Note: deleted partitions wasn't the

cause of the problem.




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I've installed the latest version of recuva on a win xp pro sp2 with patches and it doesn't have the problem when

one clicks on the plus sign to expand the "My Computer" or C drive option when you select the recuva option

called under "other location." However, this laptop doesn't have a removable zip drive. It also has a link to a network

drive that I'm not connected at present so this eliminates this as a possible cause. Also this laptop has a CD/DVD drive which

doesn't have a disk in it right now, so this cause is eliminated.


So the possibilities are,


a). Recuva tries to scan an internal zip drive wthat has no zip disk inserted thus causing the problem.

I'll remove the cable to this drive to see if this goes away on my Win 2K Pro Sp4 machine.


b ). The tower system with the win 2k pro sp4 plus patches is a dual boot system. The first primary partition

is a 2 gig MSDOS system, with the remaining logical drives being NTFS and the first logical partition contains

the Win 2K PRO SP4 OS.


Can recuva handle dual boot systems or in other words a disk that has partitions that are a combination

of FAT16 (MSDOS), FAT32 (Windows 95/98...), and NTFS? What if the disk partition has been encrypted

whereby the filesystem resides upon this encrypted layer? If it can, can it recover deleted files on

a disk that uses MSoft's file/disk encryption or third party software like TrueCrypt or Encryption Plus from

PCGuardian? Note: My Windows 2K PRO SP4 is not encrypted presently, but will be in the future. :rolleyes:

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