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CCleaner Without Uninstaller Tool


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Hello! This is a new guy, vorpal86! I just joined to mention or ask about the uninstaller.


I agree. But hey, CCleaner is a small application nevertheless. I was thinking perhaps EXTEND the uninstallers functionality some. Perhaps some properties to view the paths that the uninstaller.exe files or what have you are. Maybe allow for opening that folder afterwards in the case that some files did not delete completely. I seem to get this problem quite a bit when uninstalling. It's kinda hard to remember the paths or files that don't get removed properly, and if you could jump there, or have them get removed upon restart that would be nice.


Also, some times after an uninstall, the applications doesn't remove themselves automatically, and it makes you wonder DID, in fact, all the files get removed like they should have. Some problems though between the regular Windows Add/Remove function is that some programs, that are installed, appear in the CCleaner list, that don't appear in the regular add/remove programs, and vice versa.


At any rate, too bad you don't like the uninstaller. Heh. :)

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I cant understand what your problem...

In Start/all programs/CCleaner/ is "Uninstall CCleaner".

In Add/Remove Programs are Uninstaller to.

And in CCleaner is something like "Add/Remove programs", in CCleaner uninstall list loads fast! and much options!

What your problem?

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