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CCleaner is free ! Isnt'it ?


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As i can't contact CCleaner developper's team through contact form, i post here my message :)


i think some bad guys are trying to make money with your very good job about CCleaner.


first, i download CCleaner here :



and at installation it ask me an activation code for a premium download which i get with 2 sms cost (6e)...

so i get here to the free version :)...


If what i think is true, it has to be said ^^


So is it CCleaner's Team which is behind that ?

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Sure about that :)


But you don't care of what some bad guys can do with your work, even if they can be paid for your job ! i'm just a little surprised...


Anyway, go on with these greats softwares and thanks for your reply :)


Cordially, emri

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Some people have been complaining about having to pay for downloading the Firefox browser. Anyone who pays for free stuff really doesn't know the internet that well and there are a lot of thieves out there ready to exploit them. Filehippo.com is an excellent source for free necessary software. Start there.

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"The best software... if free" <--- Remember it. However, some software is good and not free, so when you need to use some search skills. I like 2years didn't buying any software, but i have already soft on like 500$... im not talking about films, music, games. I cant imagine how someone can be so stupid to pay for free soft :wacko::blink::huh: . You guys crazy ore very lazy, i never seen sites who sell free programs like firefox, there you found them? U ever think what you doing: for example when you downloading Firefox you ever think what firefox can be found on firefox.com not on www.rapidshare.com; just a little bit logic: if you download CCleaner, why don't search for urls which "cleaner" like CCleaner.com CCleaner.org. Don't be so stupid XD

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Hello everybody,

I would think it a good idea for all those speaking English as a second language to please NEW post in your countries more popular forums and announce in the Topic title that CCleaner is Free . Do this in your countries language.You could also provide them with a link to the Download page and some instructions on how to download.Once they use the Wizard in their own language,they should not have problems from there.These Posts would be picked up by the Internet search engines and more of your own citizens would find this information when they search the net.


I have often wondered if there are CCleaner users groups and translated Users guides available.

Is this service what the other sites are trying to charge for?

Your feed back information would be very appreciated.


:) davey

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