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outlook express - no spam

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kept this one quiet for 2 years , Microsoft don't even know how to use their own program , since they are paying someone to write smart spam filters.

however if you try the following with outlook express , spam on your PC should be non existent because you are basically telling the mailman (Internet provider) not to deliver junk mail.


1. select Tools > Message rules > Mail

2. click New

3. check the box - Where the From line contains people

4. Check the box - Do not download it from the server.

5. click on contains people

6. address Book

7. then add as required

8. click OK

9. click options

10. apply rule if message does not contain the people below

11. message matches any one of the people below

12. click OK

13. click OK again

14. click OK

15. click Apply Now

16. Apply to Folder (make sure Inbox selected)

17. click apply now

18. click OK

19. click Close

20. If you have just the one rule click Ok

21. Otherwise click Move Up to make the rule the first to be executed .

22. click Ok



The above rule will only download emails from the server if the email address is in the rule. All other emails will remain on the server .

which simply means you would have to progressively add addresses to your rule in the future by doing the above steps missing out steps 2 to 4 and 9 to 14.



This will give you the ability to ?report as spam? to your internet provider using web mail and delete them on the server (not on your PC since they were never downloaded in the first place).



If you want to go back to how it was with an inbox full of spam, simply remove the rule

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