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Some files will not delete

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I wrote this yesterday in the Lounge, but probably should've written it here. Here is basically the summary:

Well, seems that you may be right. Antivirus pgm didn't catch it, but on-line scan with MicroTrend did. The result was TROJ BDI.DR which is a backdoor pgm and shows as not cleanable. Recommended was to delete the folder c:\windows\iNetPal. I did, then ran chkdsk /f, then regcleaner then a defrag. However, the files are still in the TIF folder. If using windows to delete, it says cannot find file; ensure pathname etc..is correct. CClean doesn't give a reason why it can't. It does keep showing up when analyzed but doesn't delete it even upon reboot. I tried Evidence Eliminator to delete the folder and got this in the log:

Error: subEliminatePathWithMask dropped DIR: C:\Documents and Settings\Dad\Local Settings\Temp\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\LHXEZ9FS\adproxy%3faction=getAd&u=1322462419&m=wma&a=1,30&f=396500046&r=28&b=4B45D007FC7B842b1d27b&at=content%3D%22653%22+topic%3D%22%22&eg=ZIDDAKP13_IoKBr6H7CwRA&sg=1118949942&p1=1&p[1].asx

Eliminating folder C:\Documents and Settings\Dad\Local Settings\Temp\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\LHXEZ9FS <SKIPPED LOCKED FOLDER><OK>

If I could find a way to unlock the folder, or the use of a DOS command in WinXP, that would be great, I hope. Any further help in eliminating files like this in the TIF folder would be greatly apprecited. Thank you.

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