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New spam pushes malware disguised as screensavers


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Over the past 24 hours, we?ve have seen a rash of malicious spam pushing screensavers that are, in reality, backdoor trojans (VirustTotal report here, with very poor detection by most engines). It is unknown how widespread these spams are.


Both of the sites that we have observed hosting these screensavers appear compromised. One is already down, and we are in the process of attempting to get the other one taken down.


Clicking on the link brings the user to a very realistic ?3d screensaver? page:

Article and Screenshots

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5 Year's & got fist spam not look Delete, the line was to me? good Pills just go delete be safe you open it sent back as you like it please send, only read email in txt not htm, & dont give Email to send the spam to you. :mellow:



Sorry to hear you got your first spam in 5 years. Join the club.



(Edited by poster.)

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