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DVI Port question


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I have a Dell 17" Ultrasharp monitor. Currently, it's connect through the blue analog cable from my graphics card. Now, it also has a DVI port that looks like the one found here --



I have a Radeon X300 similar to this one-



Have you ever seen a DVI port resembling the one on my monitor? If you note, the two DVI ports are different. I have never seen a cable that would be able to go from my graphics card to that port. I'm thinking about improving my graphics card to something like a 8800 GT, which is possible because I have a 6 pin connector on my Dell power supply (amazing I know!!) So, would I have to use the DVI to Analog converter, or is there a cable out there that would work with my monitor??





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On all of my DVI sets, the cable has fitted perfectly between the monitor and the graphics card. It's because of the cable - every DVI cable I have seen, has less of the pins in use than the "full" connection that is seen in the gcard you posted. So in theory, if you buy a regular DVI-cable, it should fit both your monitor and the new graphics card. Pretty much like SCART when talking about television connections - not always the every possible hole is fitted.


You can check it tough - if the cable does have more pins than your monitor, choose other. If it has the same amount or less that your monitor holes, it fits both your TFT and your new card.

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Ahhh...I see what you are saying.




None of the DVI cables use those 4 pins or the cross shape on the port. I wonder if that is for the DVI-to-HDMI port and it needs it for the sound conversion.


Thank you - you have pointed out that I have never looked at a DVI cable.



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