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CCleaner shuts down immediately after starting


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I installed the latest version of CCleaner 2.04.543, after installing it successfully without errors, when trying to run it from the desktop or the file itself CCleaner.exe, it immediately starts and shuts down. I can see the CCleaner window for a brief second and then it closes.


- I tried installing several other versions of CCleaner without success

- I have windows xp home edition operating system

- I installed vbrun60sp6.exe according to specific threads I saw in the forum. It didn't help.

- I tried shutting down other programs I had running. It didn't help

- I tried running it after starting windows in safe mode. It didn't help

- Trying to run the tool from the command line or with /debug also didn't help


Has anyone encountered this problem or knows what the problem may be?





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Hello Guy1,

Are you logged in as an Administrator?


If not Right click on the icon and select Run as.


Good Luck,

:) davey

Also the newest version was released since you have Posted.CCleaner v 2.05


P.S. Bookmark this link to the Users Guide also.


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Hi Davey,


I'm logged in as administrator




Everything you have done so far is correct.

Did you see my note about the latest release.?CCleaner v2.05


Have you used CCleaner in the past?


Should be 6 files in C:\Program Files\CCleaner folder.

What are they?

What are their attributes?

Any Blocked?


P.S. Excuse me 6 . I ran out of fingers while typing one handed.

Some may be Hidden.

BTW I have have heard of 1 other person with similar problem.That was a few versions ago,though.

What OS version ,browsers,etc.?


Security programs?

Check security logs.See if CCleaner kicked off.

All this info will help.The Moderators always have some good answers when they have enough info from you.

You did do a re-boot after MS update also? Prior to Safe Mode start-up?

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  • Moderators

Guy, just checking that when you went to download CCleaner you chose save, and not run from the download window.


Also check you do not have 'close program after cleaning' ticked in options...advanced.



Try the slim version from here




Save to your desktop and then follow defaults in the setup.

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thanks for all your help,


I tried to install the slim version and got the same results.

I haven't checked 'close program after cleaning' ticked in options...advanced, since I haven't been able to access the application yet, it shuts down immediately as I start it.

I have tried to install the latest version 2.05 without any success as well.

In regards to your questions:

I haven't used CCleaner in the past

After installing CCleaner 4 files have appeared (no hidden ones)

1. CCleaner.exe

2. history.txt

3. uninst.exe

4. winapp.ini

Operating System Windows XP SP2 Home edition, Internet explorer 6 browser

AMD Athalon 64 bit 3000 processor

I did reboots after the vbrun60sp6.exe Update.

Currently No security programs, I had AVG but there was a problem with the latest update and uninstall, as a matter of fact that's one of the reasons I'm installing CCleaner, because I read the it should clean my registry of the leftover AVG keys in the registry, so I can reinstall AVG



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Hello Guy1,


Wasn't sure if you may need this or not?CCleaner for your OS uses C++.


Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x64)

Brief Description

The Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x64) installs runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries required to run 64-bit applications developed with Visual C++ on a computer that does not have Visual C++ 2005 installed.


He hasn't said he's using a 64bit OS has he?

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He hasn't said he's using a 64bit OS has he?

No ,I mistook his proceesor info for OS since I had asked earlier about 64 bit and not 64 bit OS?

Thanks JDPower.

Well at least I accomplished a bit of reading re x64 bit OS. Maybe next time I need to ask x64 ?

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Make sure the installer isn't named CCleaner.exe, if it is rename it to something else like: ccsetup204.exe




I made sure I saved the file to my computer before running the installer and not renaming it, but leaving its original name ccsetup204.exe

I tried running several anti-spam applications like Lavasoft Ad-aware to see if it helps with no improvements.



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Hi Guy1,

First,one question? Are you using a 32 bit operating system or a 64 bit operating system?

I am presuming a 32 bit operating system.I made an incorrect assumption yesterday.


I am a relatively new user of CCleaner myself.I have installed and used 5 versions of CCleaner.

They have all worked very well for me with no download problems whatsoever.

Please try the following steps.

Link to here .


Select Alternative Download .

When asked to Run or Save select Run.

Do not change any download locations.

When asked about options . Select only icons to desktop and start menu.

Uncheck all other options.(This is IMPORTANT).You can select those options later.

Reply I agree, next, and Finish as needed.

Now Double left click on your Desktop icon and see what happens.

If it works OK then use Options > Settings to select your options.I never have used the Automatic Check for Updates option.I don't trust those options on many pieces of software I use.

I sincerely hope this works for you as it always has for me.

:) davey

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Hi Hazel,

I always select Run as I am using the Install package not a Build.

It downloads to Temporary Internet Files then The Wizard unzips and installs everything to

Program Files\CCleaner no muss , no fuss ,works every time.

:) davey

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Hi Everyone.

First I would like to thank you for all your help. It's nice to see when someone needs some assistance there's someone else there.

My main purpose for using CCleaner was fixing the uninstallation problem which I thougt was in my AVG installation.

Then, after trying to install other antivirus programs like antivir and avast and failing I started to think maybe a worm is involved. I googled a bit and saw that other people, had a worm of type bagel that caused all their antivirus programs and spyware to stop working.

I tried the online scanning from trendmicro housecall and saw that I indeed had a worm in my temporary internet files but it couldn't identify the source of the worm.

I got a program called Regrun reanimator to run from boot mode and was able to locate its sources in several files in the windows system directory - mdelk.exe and srosa.sys

After cleaning them with the reanimator tool, I was able to install antivir and CCleaner and run them successfully.


Thanks Again


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  • 4 weeks later...

I just recently installed CCcleaner, the latest version. I saved the install file to my computer, but whenever I try to start it up, it immediately closes!


Any help would be appreciated.


I am using Windows XP Pro SP2.

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  • Moderators

Have you read through this thread and tried all the suggestions given?


Could you post some details of which version, where you got it, and operating system.


Have you used CCleaner before?


Welcome :)

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This is the first time I have used CCleaner.


It is installed to C:\Program Files\CCleaner


When I click on the desktop icon, it goes to an hourglass for a split second and then nothing. I can still use my computer, I just can't open the program.


When I click on the desktop icon multiple times quickly, I can see a window for CCleaner open for a split second, but then it closes.


I assume I installed the CCleaner v2.05.555 - Standard Build version. Is that the one that is mirrored on the main download page?

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