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"Defragging Freespace" @ 10-15 Bytes/second !?

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Great program and software!


Being in the beta mode, I'm guessing there's a few more optimizations to be done :rolleyes:


One of the most important, I would say, is speeding up the "defragging freespace" algorithim/process by at least a factor of 1000.


I've attached a ziped debug file which I cut about 32 MB from. I cut out a lot of file defragging processing which seems to work Ok, but left in the beginning of the debug file and the initial file defrag and left the tail end with the "defragging freespace" processing.

there's a:




to note where the cut out was made from the debug file.




During defragging of 2 500 GB drives (the attached debug file is of one of them) and a 74GB Raptor, Defraggler always slowed to an unbelievably slow crawl after defragging files anf going into the "defragging freespace" mode.


I checked with Task Manager (I'm using XP sp2) to see what was going on.

"Both" processors (I'm using a P4 2.8 GHZ overclocked to 3 GHz) were running continuiouslay at 90-99%, about 384MB of RAM was being used (1.6GB Available, I have a 2 GB machine).

In the process window Defraggler had NO I/O bytes being "written" or "read", while "I/O other" was the only column showing any I/O changes (20-40 bytes about every 2 seconds) of all the running processes.





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