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How to safely (I think!) use RegSeeker!

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RegSeeker is Freeware. It is also one of the most powerful (too powerful I guess) registry cleaners available. Although it does have a backup option, I've decided to use it only after uninstalls and in the following manner: One of its options is "Find In Registry". I uninstalled Ewido, an anti-trojan program, ran some other reg cleaners and then entered ewido in the find format and it found 11 references. I then used RegistryMechanic, always my benchmark, and it came up 0! I've had similar results before, even after using Mechanic first.

I'll probably stay away from it for general reg cleanup or after installs, however, I'll continue to use it in this fashion.

Still risky Dj?

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I don't know. I don't use it. I just heard from several on here that it's sometimes dangerous, and all I know is that out of all of the "registry cleaners", CCleaner is the only one I've ever trusted in my entire life -- because it never breaks anything (for me). I use it on over 30 different machines every week. 120+ unique computers per month. I've had CCleaner *fix* problems I've had, because of its deletion of junk registry keys (like missing property sheet handlers and bad Open With entries, etc).

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