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Searched for help, now I'll ask

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Please remember the Registry Issues feature is not a "cleaner" or "fixer". It looks for and reports issues based on the users options. It does not "Fix issues" unless the user says to fix them. Some software products create these "issues" and they should not be "fixed". This is under the control of the user. My recommendation to most users is to leave the Registry alone.


Itemtracker program may be storing important information either in a temporary file, in the registry, in a "cookie", or even possibly in an Adobe/Macromedia "Flash Cookie". You need to find out where this information is being stored. Corrective actions can then be taken .CCleaner does not delete data unless told to do so.

:) davey


Thankfully the Itemtracker software is fixed by contacting their support team, but firefox still does not work.

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