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Cannot Select a .jpg Image as Your Desktop Backgro

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When I try to change my windows xp background, I don't have an option to select jpeg-files - only bmp are displayed.

Pressing "Browse..." and finding a jpeg dosn't help.


The only way I can do this is only by open a jpeg, rightclick and select "Use as background".


Microsoft Web Help says, that you need to install latest updates, but I have them all.

MU or MBSA doesn't report anything missing.


Can anybody help? :(

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Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00[-HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer]



Copy/paste this into notepad; save it as "whatever.reg" including the quotes, to your desktop. Double click it to apply. Enjoy. :P


*adds new check for Dial-a-Fix :P*

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See, DAF was supposed to fix that, but I messed up and didn't include the HKCU version of the check (only HKLM)... so you helped me find a "bug" :)


As for how I know so much... I have no idea... I have no life I guess. I just have really good deduction skills. Time to rewrite DAF from the ground up so I quit leaving things out...

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