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system restore files


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Defraggler seems to make several attempts to defragment / compact Windows system restore files before admitting defeat and moving on to the next file. Perhaps Windows XP (Professional & Home) does not allow messing with theses files.


Can we instruct Defraggler to leave these ?unmovable? files alone in the defrag file and defrag free space phases? If we could the operation would be much faster.

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The 1.1.58 version is very much faster, and the system restore files don't appear in the fragmented files any more.


Is it worth knowing that the system files exist and may be fragmented? Probably not, particularly if Windows wont allow the fragmented files to be cleaned.


Waik wrote:

Windows Restore Files are a HUGE security risk, as you will get them infected if a virus comes by


Leaving the Restore files untouched would have to reduce the risk of virus infection. Another good reason to skip them.

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Hi pasty,

The thing about the System Restore files is this.If a virus program gets copied by Windows into the restore file,you may remove the original virus program but if you do a System Restore the virus copy will be reloaded.The virus will be back again.This is why it is necessary to create a "new" clean Restore point and then delete all the old ones.

:) davey

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