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Data Error


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Hi Guys!! :rolleyes:


This one is the first from "Fauzdaar80"...!!!


Iam in Real trouble guys..so please be "Gracious" to render your help.

Recuva(Latest Version; & I haven't tried previous ones) is not able to SCAN my C: Drive for "Deleted Files" as this gives DATA ERROR(Cyclic Redundancy Check) on scanning for just 2% of the net value.


Scanning & retrieval of files with my other 2 drives D: & E: are perfectly working fine;sooo...is there any "Workaround" or "Fix" for the same....??? :blink:



Please do post your response ASAP as I have committed a "Blunder" while shift+deleting my brother's "Most Crucial" data unknowingly!!!



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Hi Fauzdaar80,

Please take your time!!!

Everything you do now affects whether or not you can successfully recover your brother's MOST CRUCIAL DATA.

Remember whatever you do on that computer can possibly overwrite some of that data.

Use another computer to communicate with us.

Once you do get RECUVA working PLEASE REMEMBER to recover it to another drive so you don't accidentally overwrite some of the data you are trying to recover.


Good Luck and don't rush things."try to stay calm"( HAZLENUT"S MOTTO.)

:) davey

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Hello again,

I don't have years of experience using the PC but I thought to find some more information for you.

Please note what is said in the second paragraph.

Recycler renames the files to something silly when it is cleared out, so you may have to search on date/time. I can't remember if it renames the file type as well, possibly it does, so searching for jpg won't find them. Recuva is excellent as it gives you a preview so you can flick through many files quickly.


The bad news is that every time you touch Windows, run programs, etc you're overwriting what's been deleted, so be cautious. Don't reboot, don't post to this forum, don't do anything else if you can help it (even better if you have another pc to use), download Recuva to a flash drive, install it on, and run it from, that. You get the idea.




You don't want any other programs auto starting,auto updates coming through the INTERNET,scheduled update or security scans. etc.

If you have already shut down the problem computer I would wait for some more experienced users advice also.There are many of them on this forum.You just have to be patient and wait for them to see your Post.

If you must restart, only do it in SAFE MODE to avoid any unnecessary processes being initiated.

:) davey

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