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Recuva Not Storing Window Placement Under Vista


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Just found another possible bug in the latest Recuva - V1.10.223. Running it in Portable mode and saving the settings to an INI file, Recuva seems to be ignoring the 'window_width=' setting. I size my windows to a width of 1280 but when I close Recuva the setting does not change in the INI file. Furthermore, if I manually set window_width=1280 in my INI file, as soon as I open Recuva, it immediately changes this setting back to window_width=626, which I am assuming is the default. Running Vista Business. Everything else seems to be sticking in the INI file. Only other problem is that secure file deletion does not seem to be working on Vista either - reported elsewhere in this forum. THanks for listening !


Almost forgot to mention - The window height is saving correctly to the INI file. Only the width is not. Hope this helps.

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