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Infrared (Inbuilt) help required


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Hi could someone pls help fix this problem, got a sony ericsson T-630 which used to talk well with my notebook via the inbuilt infrared, checked winxp, hardware, device manager, the driver set seems to be fine, the device enabled and checked the phone too ( all good) but the two just don't talk anymore :( ............!


the phone says no device found when I try to send pics via the infrared... could there be a registry problem atall? and how do I fix this pls??


thanks heaps! in anticipation

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Perhaps this link may give you a few ideas until someone else chips in.




Perhaps the bluetooth option here is another way



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seems like there's a software issue and I probably will have to resort to restoring the pc to factory setting :(


thanks for your help though! :)

Are you using XP? If so just check to make sure the 'Infrared monitor' service is running:


Go to Start>Run, type 'services.msc' and enter. Scroll down the services list to the infrared monitor service and see if it is listed as 'Started'. If not right click the service name, select 'Properties' and in the properties window make sure the 'Startup type' dropdown box is set to automatic and click the start button just below it.

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