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Improving CCleaner

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The new C-Cleaner with where it shows the sections it cleans is all snazzy & tight.

Seems to run faster & more reliably as well.


My only suggestions now for C-Cleaner is to group all things under 3 tabs:

Applications, Internet, Windows


This way, say, all installed apps it cleans will show up under applications.

All internet browsers like firefox, safari, opera, ie, will show up under Internet tab.

All windows files like temp directories, clipboard, etc, will be under Windows.


Users could be allowed to select all windows trash, all internet trash, or all application trash.

This would be very nice, since the user could easily clean all web tracks in 1 go, or all windows, etc etc.


*Final thoughts are, perhaps add a couple additional tools to reset the hosts file, remove BHO files, or clean off installed right click menu items that get 10 miles long. I check-markable list like all the other things would be nice, nice, nice.


And if it had functionality similar to hijack this so you could truly remove reg entries on startup that malware adds, I know it does startup entries, but I had a computer today that hijack this helped me fix.


A virtuamonde variant that would not go away. Kept adding itself back. Killing it with Hijack this worked great, then I could remove it for good. Can C-Cleaner get the hard to kill start-up entries that hijack this can? Please? Thanks!


Any less tools to run is always well, nicer!

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