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DVD Writer problem


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I've got a HP DVD Writer 630c installed on my PC and it's giving me a few problems.

When I first press the power button to switch the PC the CD/DVD drawer opens and has to be manually pushed back in. I thought it was something to do with the PC trying to boot from the CD and as it wasn't in the drawer would open. So I changed the boot sequence, that didn't have any success, it still opened.

I thought about updating the drives, but because I don't have the install disc for the drive I can't.

What makes this problem even more weird, when my wife logs into her profile for the first time, the drawer opens again and again has to manually pushed in and it won't eject. This doesn't happen when I log into my profile.

I've checked all the IDE cables are secure to both the MB and the drive. On the IDE cable is a second drive, CD drive set as master and HD set as slave, but that's never change in the 3 years I've had the PC.

Has anyone got any ideas how I can maybe fix this little annoying problem.



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Perhaps a firmware update from the official manufacturer website.


One way to find out if it's just that drive is to swap it out with another drive to see if another drive also opens. Then again CD/DVD drives can start doing some weird stuff when they're about to die.

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