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Maybe CCleaner should clean .log and .bak and .tmp files

Find empty files and empty directories


Clean things from C:\Program Files\Common Files\ and C:\Documents and Settings\


Example I installed Norton AntiVirus 2005, but it was crap, so I removed it. But now I still have references to it and Symantec in Common Files and Document and Settings.

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Maybe CCleaner should clean .log and .bak and .tmp files


CCleaner does clean .log and .tmp. That's one of it's main features, based on program of course. Plus, it's always being worked on. Either by MrG to add to CCleaner or me working on it in winapp2.ini. .bak is a bad idea.


#1. It will just recreate it.

#2. Will have no .bak incase you have a problem.

#3. Backup reasons.


Empty files and folders is not a good.


Files: 98% of the time they will recreate themselves or it will cause a program error.


Folders: Can cause program errors.


Program Files\Common Files\ can cause serious crashes with programs installed unless you know what you are doing.


Clean what in Documents and Settings? CCleaner already does, a lot.

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Thank you for your very informative reply.


C:\Documents and Settings\<user_here>\Application Data\ have many old things that I removed ages ago.


In my case "Autodesk", "Opera", "Symantec", etc.



Maybe it wouldnt be good to scan whole disk for .log and .tmp?

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