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Huge Memory Usage


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Look at the number of files found!!!

The memory usage is small compare to them!!!


The best request is to have a option to not show files older than... or not remember files...

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If that is the case, that Recuva is keeping the list of recoverable files in the RAM I'm sure that would do it. If a pc is much like my calculator that would easily do it and should have an easy fix, by simply dumping portions of the list on to the hard drive as a temp file and creating a new list in the RAM. I wrote a program on my calculator which made a list of numbers over 3,000 entries long (don't ask why, it's a long story) and would reach a Buffer Overflow error at 88% because of the constant opening, appending, and closing of the list. I simply set it to only work on a tenth of the list at a time and append each tenth on to the previous one. Not only would the program finish running this way, but would go a lot faster. True the same thing couldn't be done with Recuva because it doesn't know how many files it will find (the calculator program covered a certain range and it would be a tenth of that range at a time, not of the list of numbers it would find because it was finding them) but it could store only say 10,000 in memory at a time as an example. When dealing with over one million entries that would probably speed it up.

I don't really know how this would be accomplished with computer code, but I'm willing to bet there is a way, provided that is the problem.

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