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Defraggler suggestions


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I'd like to see the option(s) to defrag only certain file sizes on the schedule tab.


1. Defrag files smaller/larger than XX MB/GB.

2. Defrag files between file size XX MB/GB and XX MB/GB.


I say this as I don't see a reason to defrag the hibernation file, system restore files or the page file. Which are normally extremely large files and it's a waste of time to defrag them.

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(Original thread Defraggler - Interface Design Suggestions got no reaction, archiving info here)


Setup: Defraggler v1.06.118 using Windows XP Pro, SP3


I am starting a new suggestion thread because the old one contains many already added suggestions, plus I'd like to get some feedback from the other users here. Some things have been previously suggested, I mention them again to emphasize their, IMO, usefulness.



1) A visual indicator for the Dragbar between Disk Map and Tabs




It would be nice to have a
visual dragbar
separating the disk map from the drive/file list tabs.






  • Double-click
    on dragbar to
    hide the tabs completely
    and to open them up again.


  • Alternative:
    down arrow
    icon in the dragbar lets the user minimize (or better hide completely) the tabs, thus maximizing the the disk map area (yes, I like to watch the defragmentation in as much detail as possible). An
    up arrow
    icon would be shown on the dragbar when the tab area is in minimized (hidden) state, letting the user open up the
    Drive/File list
    tabs again on the main screen.

2) Drive List with additional Info Columns - Degree of Fragmentation, Current File




As a fan of a large disk map display, I only use the
File list
tabs when manually quickly defragmenting files. Otherwise I'd minimize it, thus it would be very useful to have a few
more stats in the drive list columns
at the top of the screen.




  • Once a
    (button) has been performed
    show fragmentation Information
    in additional columns, i.e.
    • N? of Fragmented Files

    • Total Fragments

    • Fragmentation % of Drive




  • While running
    Action menu, Defrag Drive
    ... show the
    current defrag file
    in a column next to


  • Show the information of the
    column also in the
    Defraggler's title bar
    , letting the user check on the state of defragmentation, when the tool is minimized to the Windows bar at the bottom of the screen (sorry forgot its name)... i.e. it would show (provided minimizing of Defraggler actually works):


Periform Defraggler

3) Remember Size of Drive List, Disk Map, and Tabs areas




Since it is now possible to save all setting in an
file it should be possible to remember the size of the 3 areas, to avoid having to re-size them every time you restart Defraggler.




Also remember if the Tab area is hidden or not (see my suggestion further up).


4) Half-size Disk Map color Squares (blocks) for maximum detail?




I run Defraggler on a 1680x1050 screen in full screen mode and love watching Defraggler working on defrags. Since I am a curious fellow, it would be spiffy to
half the width and the height of the squares
representing the blocks in the disk map, to get
four times the block detail
. Keeping the one pixel frame (grid) around the blocks should still be fine then.




Note: This is intended as an additional alternate mode. The default display mode would still be available for folks that prefer less detail.




IMO a huge scrollable
disk map
(as suggested elsewhere) - like Windows Defrag uses - is not of much use, because you completely loose the overview.


5) File list tab title could show Fragmented File and Fragment counts?




Since there is a lot of space left in the Tab titles, I'd suggest updating the "
File list
" text to show a count for the number of fragmented files shown after a
button run, and the total fragment count.




File list
(87 files, 2345 fragments)




IMO, it is inconvenient having to look up those numbers in the



Hope the suggestions are of some use.



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Queue up multiple drives to defrag, or even defrag two drives at once. I'm sure two different hard drives could easily pull off a simultaneous defrag, and with modern CPUs, I/O ops barely take up much CPU time anyways.


The shut down after defrag option would be useful if I could do it all at once. Why would someone defrag only one of their drives at night when they go to bed (which is when I assume this feature will be used), anyways?


Also, in addition to queuing defrags, it'd be nice if you could also queue Verifies and Free Space Defrags.

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Hard disk drives will always be growing.


So please, add to Defraggler the ability to change the map's blocks cluster density. I mean, that the user could change this ?zoom? manually. It's like a "zoom" for the disk map. For example, showing 10 clusters per displayed block is a closer "zoom" than showing 100 clusters per displayed block. Of course, 10 clusters per displayed block will display more number of blocks than a density of 100 clusters per displayed block.


Also, please add the ability to show or hide the disk map completely. Hiding the map completely could make Defraggler run quicker (although, the command line version would be the quickest I suppose).


Thank you in advance.

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I would like to have a batch defrag system. Automatically defragging the following drives by order, instead of clicking each drive to defrag.

and defragging 2 or 3 drives at the same time.


Stopping takes time on large files. a fix could be better.


Thanks for this software.

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This application is fantastic and i love it, so thanks a bunch for creating it and making it free to use.


The only thing i wish to add would be a "select files in file-list by matching a string"


Let me explain :

- After you analyze a drive,

- Right click the "File List" tab header and add a popup menu

- Add a option called "select by name" or something similar

- Popup a toolbar window with a one-line edit, and a select button

- You can add some radio-button to switch between "standard wildcards" and regular expressions (perl or anything)

- For each file in the file-list, select it if its name matches the string, deselect it otherwise.


I'm used to defrag only the critical files (database files, executable files, game's main data files). Being able to select a bunch of files using only a single search would be of uttermost help to me, as i often spend minutes looking for the files i want to defrag and select them.


I wish someone hears me :)

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In earlier posts it's been pointed out that most of

the suggestions asked in this forum can be done with the use of the df.exe


However df.exe lacks seriously the functionality of the Defraggler.exe


for example there should be a switch for "files only defragmentation" as opposed to

full defragmentation - space defrag etc


Can you please add further switches to the df.exe so that it can replicate

most of the functionality of the Defraggler.exe ???


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i have some suggestions:


When you click on a box it will take you to the file so you know what box(s) is what file(s).

Also, when ever i run it it never defrags whole hard drive, it always leaves the big files untouched and unmoved to the out side.(yes i did check off to move to out edge)

And if you could make it so when you press the X or _ you make it go to the system tray, and i order to close it you must right click and do exit program.


Those are just suggestions id like to make becuase they bothered me or i thought would make defraggler a better program.

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Hmhm - "Theory" for a Combination between Defraggler & Recuva :rolleyes:




- More functionallity for the graphical Block View (Clusterviewer) select more than one Block (for both)

- Select Blocks and Drag&Drop to a Free Space or another Partition (for both) (alike in the Vopt 9.08 Defragger)


- Different Color Option for all Filetypes (for both)

- Show recovery/deleted Files in Graphic Viewer ON/OFF (for both)

- Introduce in Recuva a graphical Interface, with Selecting, Click & Search Option


cheers :blink::)

at least once a day : to think different ;o)

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My suggestions-


When moving a file larger than a specified size, show a progress bar displaying the progress of moving the file.


Offer 2 options: Defrag and Quick Defrag. Quick defrag would be equivalent to selecting all of the fragmented files and defragging them.


Allow users to go back to the file list while defragging files.


Close the 'Highlighted items' tab as soon as a user navigates away from it.


Show the colors as the analysis is taking place, gradually.

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I don't know whether these had been mentioned before but I would like to suggest 3 improvements:


1) To add the feature to move a large folder (game folder etc) to the end of the drive. Currently we can only move selected large files.


2) To remember the panel sizes so that we don't need to resize them every time.


3) To display the color legend, maybe besides the pie chart diagram below so that we don't need to go inside to check again and again. Just can't remember those. Nowadays everybody's got a big screen.

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  • 2 weeks later...
Since this is a BETA software program and touching the REGISTY is almost blasphemy, LOL, is it really wise for us to be using a BETA program on our delicate and sancorsant registries? :unsure:


I just wonder about the logic and wisdom of such an act. No offense or disrespect intended as I love PIRIFORM immensely, truly. :D


Are you saying that Defraggler version: 1.07.124 is in Beta?????

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Yeah, I didn't think that Defraggler was still in Beta... If so it's really stable... LOL


I have a feature request though. How about an option to sort the File List on the columns when it is Defraging the drive. It still shows the File List, but when you just go to Defrag the drive, it seems to lock sorting...


That would be pretty handy.


Thanks. :)

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Another handy feature would be to have Defraggler make a note somewhere as to what sort of Defrag you chose (For long running stuff like a full Defrag). It can take a long time, and sometimes you forget if you just did a full defrag, or a defrag of free space, etc. Maybe change the title of the form? Although I still think the percentage should populate the title, as if the form is minimized you have no idea what it's doing.


Also, when defraging individual files, the option to move selected files to the end of the drive should apply and move these files to the end of the drive when stipulated.


Also, the option to move all files in a directory to the end of the drive would be handy. I'm thinking for the System Volume Information specifically. Maybe as a default option?

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I join the cause of those of you who asked for the undoubtedly useful features of:



* Defrag <only> when idle, in the background


* Defrag files smaller than/bigger than/between X and X KBs


* Minimize to tray



Defraggler rocks now, but with those implemented, it would rock *even* more :lol:


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What? Is that the date it came out of Beta? I'm a bit confused...



No, it's the date the post that said it was a beta software was posted.

Piriform French translator

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