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The CCleaner website claims that "Everyone who donates ?10 ($20) or more will be sent all new releases before they're available to download on the site."


I donated ?10 some time ago. Two versions have since been released and all I have received is an email telling me when they are available to download from the website.


I'm not too fussed because I think that the program is worth it but I just wondered if anyone could shed some light on this issue?

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Please check your junk mail box and any spam filters so they allow emails from piriform.com.

Also a few mail servers have been blocking our emails, but we're trying to get them all unblocked.


Thanks for the support :)




Thanks Mr G!


I call you the genious.


For the masses, you bring simple, easy, pc cleanup.


Much better than that MS stuff!

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I'm still having the same problem... I don't receive an email until the new version goes public on the website.


I have checked my junk mail settings and looked in the junk mail folder but nothing...


It would be cool to get the new versions before they are put on the website.

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