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Export CC Cleaner tools results


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I know this has been suggested many times in the forums, but I have not seen any response by Piriform. So, here is the request (again):


In the Registry and other tools, could you add an "export to CSV or text" file the analyze results? Seems like a simple thing to add, many other programs that produce tabular results have this feature.


Why is this a good feature: There are several reasons:


A record of the analyze results that can be used to compare before and after the correction.

A record that can be imported into EXCEL and sorted in different ways and on different columns

Imported into word, a compare file, can be used on successive analysis to see if the same problem is being fixed over and over -- pointing to a recurring problem.


These are just a few reasons.


Piriform could you respond?


Thanks, krazykat

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I have to say both you and hazelnut are correct. The begginers guide does say you can make/export a text file from the CCleaner menu.


Also, as hazelnut pointed out the "save as " text or CVS is missing as an option in the registry cleaner section.


Having a text or CSV file of the registry is what I need. Even though CCleaner backs up the registery and you can restore (assumung you can boot after the changes) a printed list and import into EXCEL for sorting is essential.


Have any idea if this feature is a planned addition to CCleaner?



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