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DVD to CD?


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a DVD contains alot of more space than a CD do.

So if you would rip it, you would need to use compression and the quality wont be the same good as the DVD.


Ripping probably takes some time too and probably you should have a decent fast computer. Many DVD's are region coded too and that maybe can be a problem.



Theora is an interesting codec project.


But as DjLizard said, mpeg4/divx/xvid is probably what you will use.

Whatever you do, don't use wma/asf/realplayer/qt for the movie.


DivX is the most commonly used codec.



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It seems like everyone i talk to says this is pretty difficult stuff, has anyone used/ heard of Dr. DivX? the info on the DivX site claims that this program is as easy as 3 steps, is this correct or am i missing something? Also, i'm not sure if this is the same thing or not, but instead of copying it to a CD, is there a way to rip the DVDs right to my hard drive to watch them at a later date?


Your thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated.

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One really good feature of the shrink is how the process is set up to allow "pruning" of a lot of stuff you don't need to keep to enjoy your dvd.

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