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Flash Player Cleaning

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I have noticed that CCleaner cleans the settings.sol from the following location by default:

%userprofile%\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\macromedia.com\support\flashplayer\sys\settings.sol


I typically disable the update setting at the following location:



When you uncheck the update, it modifies the settings.sol file. Because CCleaner removes this file, the update setting is removed.


I like the FlashPlayer cleaning, but I don't think it should clean the settings.sol file by default. I know that I could make an exception for that file, but it's a pain to do it on every single computer I load CCleaner on.


If this could be addressed, I would greatly appreciate it.



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So it does, I've never noticed that. Hopefully it can be sorted.

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Yes, it sure does delete that (settings storage) file. I have disabled Flash cleaning from CCleaner. I have prevented Flash sites from storing information to my system, so basicly there's nothing to delete.

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Sorry for bumping this old thread, but ...


Is Flash Player cleaning gone altogether (i.e. removed from CCleaner)

now ? I can't seem to find the option (the checkbox) for it.


I'm using CCleaner 2.07 & The Flash Plugin for Firefox.


If it was indeed removed, is there any chance to get it back,

and implement it properly this time (i.e. don't delete flash's own settings) ?




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