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ads for bad software on the front page


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Advertisements are coming up on the front page for "ErrorSmart" software, which is at best a scam piece of software which reports false positive problems and tries to get money to remove them, and at worst a possibly malicious piece of software on it's own.


Not the sort of folks you want to do business with.


CCleaner is awesome btw. :-)



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Hi Piriform forum,


This is a common Google problem.


e.g. now there is one for various dubious products, some advertising Defrag.

PCOnpoint was one, RegCure is another ultra-dubious one. At a glance, most

of the Google ads look like scam, except the Diskeeper one, these guys are

quite sophisticated and it is quite an industry.


This is a general scourge in PC-land, but more so in websites that have excellent

products, also security forums and more. Many of these products are quite

obviously scams (after a bit of researching) but they are careful to either

be new and change names or keep off the rogueware lists (which have to be

conservative for legal reasons) by not doing the more blatant spyware and hijacking



They do phoney fear-mongering, invalid results, 'free scans' that lead to forcing

$ to do anything, then what they do is ultra-dubious, difficult deinstallation,

unethical billing practices unannounced, the list goes on and on.


If Piriform could help take the lead in combating this (a big project) it would

be appreciated. At least consider what you can do to try to keep Google

honest, or find other venues. Please, you have a top-notch company,

maybe this can be put on the very warm burner.





Steven Avery

Queens, NY

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