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If you are stupid enough to do that with any program you deserve what you get.... There really is no excuse for being lazy.


Gee thanks, as a new user of CCleaner, I feel so welcome here! :rolleyes:


It's taken some searching for me to find any reference to the Applications tab in either the online help or here in the forum. I just downloaded

the updated help file and will check that out.


In the meantime, perhaps someone could explain to me what checking the various programs in the Applications tabs does?

If no one wants to explain it to me because I'm "too stupid", please point me in the right direction here on the forum where I might find

some useful info.


I noticed that some of the check boxes in the Windows tab do offer a pop up explanation of what will happen if you check this or that box.

Perhaps because I *was* smart enough not to mess with any of those check boxes in the Applications tab, maybe I missed any pop ups there?


Thanks for any help offered. ;)

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More or less...


The Applications Tab will clean Firefox, Opera, and Safari browser cache. As far as applications, in very simple terms... It clears the recently opened files either by registry or a history file. If you use Office a lot, I would uncheck it, it has been known to reset your personal settings.

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