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Why doesn't CCleaner do this?

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- Add reset internet settings (malware can change settings)

- Add backup/restore under each browser listed (easily restore settings to a new pc) + bookmarks/fav

- Add wipe freespace, cluster tips, file slack (for really scrubbing a drive being donated/include options for # of passes)


- Add clean broken shortcuts (less trash, more space)

- Add clean system restore points (takes lots of space/could include option for keeping last 3 or so)

- Add clean swap file (for cleansing before donating a drive)


- Add clean hosts file (malware sometimes hijacks settings, rendering access to websites dead)

- Add clean BHO files (some are malicious, can change settings, cause redirects)

- Add locked file remover (drag & drop files to be deleted on reboot/some are locked malwares)


- Add full registry backup/restore (handy for emergencies)

- Add auto backup of changes to registry (in program folder with CCleaner/avoids problems)

- Add auto save option of any changes to registery cause by any program to CCleaner folder (easily find where a program hid their entries so you can remove it later)


- Add silent update option (users won't have to do this manually)

- Add scheduler (set CCleaner to run certain days of the week, or times)

- Add memory cleaner (why not? CCleaner already cleans the pc, why not memory too? this will avoid out of memory errors on low mem systems, & extend the time required before reboot. CCleaner will always have a use this way! CCleaner would automatically send to tray/option can be changed?)



These are a list of features & cleanup items that I would really like to see in CCleaner.

I think this covers every known major cleanup area that CCleaner is missing. At least, all I can think of.


What do you think?

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