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Security tools to put on usb flash drive

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Security tools for usb


I've put together a list of freeware/liteware security tools from a larger list, including the best ones that can be put into your flashdrive and used for cleaning, diagnosis on infected systems. Almost all do not require installation, and are free.


I have selected antivirus, antispyware, antitrojan and antirootkits tools that are top notch, system tools, and as a bonus there is a list of links to the best online scanner sites, both multi-engine (virustotal etc) and full disk (Bitdefender online etc) as well as sandboxing type (Threatexpert etc).


You can find them at Security tools for usb


Any comments are welcome, particularly omissions.

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Hello Lusher, just had a very quick New Year's day look (if you know what I mean!)


No portable CCleaner for temp files etc?


CWShredder was last updated (I think) in Nov 2005, is it still a valid tool?


Perhaps you could put a remark by the anti-virus list that only one is required if you decide to install a version of it. You know I'm sure, that some new users get confused about that.

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