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I put a lot of thought in this, & I wonder what you think...

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The attached screenshot will show how CCleaner would look if I could have it the way I wanted it.


You can see that Defragment (Defraggler) & Undelete (Recuva) would be part of CCleaner now available as tabs.


In addition, under automatic cleaning, it could be divided into Applications, Internet, & Windows. Under Applications, ALL apps would be listed, while ALL Internet browsers would be under the Internet tab, while Windows would have all the system areas listed that it cleans.



A few additional things that could be added under the Automatic Cleaning however are:


Under the Internet tab & under Internet Explorer, add the option to reset all IE settings back to default. This is really helpful if a PC has a hijacked homepage & they just need it quickly restored.


Conversely, under each web browser, they need the option added to be able to backup/restore settings for each browser, such as Favorites or Bookmarks, etc. This will really speed things up for people who simply need to transfer settings from 1 pc to another.


Under the Windows tab & Advanced, add Wipe Free Space, Wipe Slack File Space, Wipe Cluster Tips options. This will allow a user to simply zero out a drive using only CCleaner. In addition, the option to checkmark how many passes would be nice as well. Perhaps include a warning tip that using this every time is not recommended, IE, hard disk wear or long time in cleaning. Suggest the user only use this when destroying a drive before making it available to others to use.


Under the Windows tab & System, add the options to clean broken shortcuts, clear the hosts file, clear system restore points, & clean the swap file.


These are 4 key & often overlooked areas. With the option to reset the hosts file back to default, you can get rid of the problem that occurs when malware plays dirty with redirects in your system hosts file. This can clean it & set it back to default, or overwrite it with a clean one.


System restore points can take many gigs, so the option to remove all restore points, or select to keep only the last 3, for example, will allow you to remove many gigs of wasted space.




Under Manual Cleaning would be listed all apps that require user intervention such as:


Browser Helper Objects - This is listed because this is overlooked and is easy to clean in that they ONLY occur in 1 place on a system, so the ability to select which ones to remove would definitely be a Godsend.


Context Menu's - These pesky things clutter nearly every kind of menu on your pc & the ability to select which ones to delete would be great.


Startup Items - These boogers are already in CCleaner, but if tabbed like in the included diagram, would need to be added to the maual clean tab to leave room for the Defragment & Undelete buttons it replaces. The option to highlight all or select which ones with the keyboard & mouse & use the del key to delete them instead of 1 by 1 would be excellent.


Locked Files - Sometimes, you have files in use that you cannot seem to delete. Having the option to drag & drop any files you want to be deleted on reboot would be wonderful.


Uninstall - That is fine like it is, but it would need to be added to the Manual Cleaning tab as well, seeing that Defragment & Undelete replace those buttons as well.



Registry cleaning tab could go right beside the manual tab so they can easily run the scan whenever. Could use a registry backup & restore function. In addition, would be nice if it didn't ask you if you wanted to back up the reg, but would, by default, create a copy in CCleaner's program folder under Daily Registry Backups. As you would need a separate folder called Full Registry Backups for the complete backup portion.


But there should be a checkmarkable option to NOT create any backups for those who dislike it.



CCleaner should have a checkmarkable option to run in the system tray, to clean system memory - It could have the options to select how much percentage wise, or size wise to clean, & how much to consider low before starting the cleanup. This will really benefit users, especially win98 users & up to allow them keep using the pc longer before rebooting since many apps have memory leaks & do not return it happily back to the pool.


Updates should have an option to auto download & apply CCleaner updates silently.


CCleaner should have the option to schedule, just like antivirus programs, what day or days or the week (or times) to clean automatically.



I have put a lot of time & effort into these comments, & would really appreciate your responses to this. Please let me know what you think.



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