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Which CCleaner ?


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Ok Sorry for the tedious question but I haven't been around for a while. I'm still using V1.41.544 is there any reason why I should change? Thanks to you all.

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The version history will help you decide:

CCleaner v2.03


- Improved support for IE7 Autocomplete cleaning.

- Added Vista Recycle Bin secure deletion.

- Fixed bug in secure deletion of filenames.

- Fixed bug in "Other Explorer MRUs" cleaning.

- Fixed minor bug in Temp file deletion.

- Added better secure deletion for cookies.

- Fixed Autocomplete cleaning on Win98.

- Improved Hotfix Uninstaller cleaning to ignore Desktop Search.

- Fix bug in saving CCleaner window position.

- Improved System Info routines.

- Minor bugs fixes and GUI tweaks.

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