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Hello lamib,

Defragmentation in its proceess is a very exact and complex process involving the secure availabilty of disk space not to be complicated by the processing of other tasks that may iinadvertantly result in the loss and/or garbling of data.It is best to always run a "Defrag" by itself.

You can cancel the program if you must but don't expect it to to be able to run with other applications.

This would be very dangerous for your files.

Best Wishes,

:) davey

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Guest Jim, can you describe the crash in more detail?



I'll try, haven't caused it for a while though. If I recall correctly colors on the screen go crazy, everything can still be seen, but the colors are messed up. The music spikes and I have to stop Media Player to get rid of the noise. I'm pretty sure explorer gets messed up as well, in that you can not open anything! You can close what you've got but nothing will open because the mouse still works. The only way I'm able to restart is to do a hard shut down. Everything is fine after it reboots. I'm not sure which version of Defraggler did it and I'm also not sure if it may have been dependent on the kind of defragging. I'm trying to duplicate it now, but I'm just defragging the files it finds, not the drive.

The problem doesn't occur immediately, it takes quite a while, not sure what percentage Defraggler was at though.

I just defragged the fragmented files on my hard drive, with Media Player going and nothing happened, and I don't plan on defragging the drives, unless I can be sure the temp files won't be made, to see if that's what did it

In case this helps, I have a Nvidia Geforce Go 7600 with Forceware version 158.24 for 32-bit Vista for the 7-series of mobile cards.

That's the best I can do.

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