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Recently, I noticed while cleaning the recycle bin from one harddisk, & I monitored the disk space before & after, in addition to what CCleaner reported was removed, I was horrified to discover that CCleaner reported only 2.3 gigs, or to be precise, 2,377.3 mb deleted while disk space indicators showed there was FIFTEEN gigs removed.


A second harddisk with a recycle bin from that drive, removed over 5 gigs while CCleaner only showed 1.8 gigs removed.


Granted, the trash it removed was trash, & it was in the recycle bin, but I could NOT believe that CCleaner could get the reported amount off by so much.


In fact, in the first figure, CCleaner was off by 7 TIMES as much as had actually been removed.

There is a really huge difference between 15 gigs actually removed and reported only 2.3 gb.


I love CCleaner, & I hope this is fixed SOON!


Thank you!


Concerned CCleaner user...


P.S. I am sure you can easily verify this if you have to, copy a few dvd's to your drive, then recycle the files. Watch what happens?


P.P.S. My system is a Win XP Pro with 512 mb ram, 120 gb harddisk, ati all in wonder graphics, 1,700 mhz system. Free disk space is over 70% so there should be no trouble on system specs or free space.


CCleaner version is 2.03.532

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