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I am currently using Defraggler Beta version 1.0.23 in Windows 2000 SP4.


I have experienced no problems, but since the current Beta is 1.0.44 I am wondering if I should upgrade.


If it works, don't fix it; has been my motto for many years. However, are you guys depending on users staying up to date and reporting bugs?


Also, is there any way you could signal on page one, what the various versions of the program are, along with the changes/improvement made are? That way, maybe I can figure if I need to upgrade.






Background: 40+ years of programming..'nuff said.



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Hello swamiji,

There has been a lot going on with Defraggler.

From what I can tell and considering it still being in Beta there is not as much of that kind of info put together yet.

Best advice I can give is to review the forum discussion and use your judgement.

With your experience, you know what to do!!!

:) davey

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