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I have fully defragged my hard disk with Norton System Wokrs (Speed Disk) that wasn't give a good job (some files still fragmenteds).

So, at the end of all process I open the Defraggler and I selected all the remain files and I click on defrag highlighted, the Defraggler frezze 20% and the cpu usage was low and the light that indicates write/read in hard disk was blinking...

I wait 20 minutes and I reboot my machine manualy...


At the end I have more files fragmented that normal!!! lol

I not lost any data, have lucky...


I think this bug occured by system files selected... But I don't have sure if I selected any...


PS. My pc:

Motherboard with chipset AMD690G (A690GM2MA-Foxconn)

Athon 64x2 5600+ (2,8Ghz)

2 DDR2(800Mhz) with 512 (1024Mb of memory)

Hard Disk faster, I have sure. (SATA2) ~ I don't know what model...)

ATi x1550 Series ET (512Mb)

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