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Defraggler v1.01.044

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This new build of Defraggler took nearly 2 months to refine. But we're now confident it's a lot faster and more stable. We removed the system driver requirement and thanks to optimizations it's even smaller.


We're hoping to be out of beta in a few weeks time, at which stage we'll start adding in loads more features. We hope you like it!


Defraggler v1.01.044 BETA

  • Removed system driver, now much faster and more stable
  • Added support for multiple drive maps
  • Added 64-bit OS support
  • Added support for removable USB drives
  • Loads of minor UI changes and funky tweaks

Download now from www.defraggler.com


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The speed boost is really nice, but it isn't quite flawless for me. With the first version I posted about it seeming to not like a lot of files and crashing at around 80 percent, this version crashes at about 30 percent when I try to do a defrag drive on the same partition as earlier problem. I haven't tried a complete defraging on the other partition because I don't want to have the huge temp file again and I can't tell if it is being made or not. On my other computer, running XP, it works flawlessly and when selecting files on my Vista machine it also doesn't have any problems, it's just something about defrag drive.

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Seems to work pretty well.


The only thing bothering me right now is the interface. I don't like the little window that pops up and tells you what it is doing. That could easily be displayed somewhere else in text, not another window. Lol. The other thing is that it doesn't look like the other Piriform applications. Which doesn't bother me to much, but it's something I noticed.


Keep up the good work. Looking forward to new versions.

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Hi Ediseye,

There were many requests for something being displayed so users would know something was actually was being processed.I think this is the development teams response to this request

Quite a few improvements. davey :)

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