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Future Defraggler Features request


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I know 'Eddy 2' has already put a request in for 'Defrag Empty Space' (I've copied his request here) - but I thought I'll start a thread where everyone can add their own requests for features they would like to see in future Defraggler versions & keep them all nicely together for the developers to view



Eddy 2 Post:

Hi all,


There is a feature that I would appreciate very much in Defraggler, and that is that it could defrag the disk empty space.

That is, to 'simply' move all files so that one is placed right after the other. That way, the empty disk space would be pretty much in one big chunk (apart from the files that Defraggler can't move).

I would make that a separate option though. For example, another 'Defrag empty space' button next to the Analyze and Defrag buttons .


Kind regards



My own requests - the first is nothing too complicated


- I'd like to see the 'Drive map legend' (White-Empty, Red-fragmented etc) shown on the same screen as the Defrag map, maybe under the [stop] button or a single line under the drive map, instead on a separate 'page'

- 'Defrag by Folders', what I mean is that you can select a folder & all the files in that particular folder are defragged one at a time, instead of having to select them individually

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I would like to see a "Defrag Drive" button. I didn't get it when the Defrag button was greyed out until I realized I had to choose files to defrag, or right-click on the drive and hit "Defrag drive".

It's present under the action menu and you can right-click on the drive in the drive list to get "Defrag Drive" as an option.

I think a tree view option would be nice, hidden system files, and the ability to get ride of the temp file it makes some how. I can't get rid of the 4 GB temp file Defraggler made.

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Guest_Jim, can you post some more details on the 4G file you are having issues with.


As for the pagefile, we will add support for this in future versions. Until then, you can temporarily disable your pagefile, then defrag, and then turn on the pagefile again.

System Properties > Performance Options > Advanced




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would love a drag and drop interface in addition to the explorer interface, there should also be a history so we can go to previous defrags and repeat


can do?


also, would like to have the option to defrag the contents of a folder as well as the folder, I would also like to add a buffer of free space in that folder


can do?

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