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Malware Removal Tools


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F-Secure provides a number of virus removal and system fixing tools from its ftp site. Virus removal tools are used separately from F-Secure Anti-Virus and provide cleaning of a specific infection. Fixing tools perform repair of a system damaged or modified by a specific malicious program. Most of the tools have additional readme files that should be studied before usage.



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I think that is true CeeCee.


There are quite afew listed here




If you look on the left side under online scanners, tools can show things also about you such as






Some people are not aware of what can be found out about you online.


A list of online scanners and tools are handy things to know about.


Support contact




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Instead of using tools like this to remove specific viruses I think your better off using something like bitdefender online scanner which will scan and remove all different types of viruses. They hardly ever come to the party alone and just using a specific fix tool doesn't usually work(in my experience anyway.)

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Also recommened to scan with BlackLight – Rootkit Detection and Elimination Tool. It search for hidden processes, files and folders. Just scanned with it yesterday and it found 0 items.


http://www.f-secure.com/security_center/ (at the bottom of the page) It's a single file - no installation.


For first scan seems to be rather slow, but it's actually quite fast.

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